Mink C-curl T:0.05

Mink C-curl, T:0.07

Mink C-Curl, T: 0.07 3D Mix Volume
Mink C-Curl, T: 0.07 3D Volume
Mink C-curl, T:0.10

Mink C-Curl, T: 0.10 3D Volume
Mink C-curl, T:0.15

Mink C-curl, T:0.20

Mink C-curl, T:0.25

Mink C-curl, Mixed size

Mink C-curl T:0.10 Bottom Lash
Mink D-curl, T:0.05

Mink D-curl, T:0.07

Mink D-Curl, T: 0.07 3D Volume
Mink D-curl, T:0.10

Mink D-curl, T:0.15

Mink D-curl, T:0.20

Mink D-curl, T:0.25

Mink D-curl, Mixed Size

Mink J-curl, T:0.10

Mink J-curl, T:0.15

Mink J-curl, T:0.20

Mink J-curl, T:0.25

Mink J-curl Mixed Size

Eyelashs Extension Kit, PROFESSIONAL
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